The Common Law Court is now offering you the opportunity to obtain insurance for your motor vehicle, by assisting you to access your personal trust which is held by the government.

This Bond will be held by you and will be in your name. The only way that this may be accessed is if you use it to settle a claim made against you. Please be advised, the form to be completed for the insurance asks for STATUTORY BIRTH NUMBER this is NOT clc birth reference number. You will find this on your state issued birth certificate.  

This insurance will be set up as a security bond for £4,000,000.00, as security cover, and will settle a claim of liability in the event of an incident requiring compensation from another living soul.

This Bond can also be used as proof of insurance, for your name, on all vehicles listed under your name and registered with the Common Law Court.

This Bond may be used in the ledger as an asset to meet the needs of the Department of Transport but will expire the moment the principal dies.


Requirement for Insurance

This insurance bond will be available to purchase through the Common Law Court at a cost of ⌘167 Cruinn (⌘167 = £250 approx. = $328 approx.) and must be renewed annually, providing that you comply with the following conditions:


  1. You have confirmed your standing as a living man or woman with your declaration of birth on the Common Law Court website and that you have obtained the appropriate reference numbers to confirm such. Completed in full the insurance form, otherwise this will not be accepted. This is non refundable once completed. 


  1. That you have obtained ownership of your ‘Fictitious Name’ by submitting your application for ownership to the Common Law Court. Having obtained such ownership, you will have obtained the appropriate reference number to confirm such.


  1. That you have declared and listed your motor vehicle with the Common Law Court and that you have the appropriate reference number to confirm such. You MUST also purchase a CLC plate to use inconjunction with the insurance. 


  1. That your motor vehicle has a valid, signed, and stamped Roadworthy Certificate lodged with the Common Law Court.

    This Certificate may only be signed and stamped by a qualified mechanic, who in the event of a certificate being issued fraudulently will be held accountable for any fraudulent information.

    This certificate will also remain valid for a period of twelve months. If the motor vehicle has an existing MOT Certificate attached to it, even though the number plate will have changed to a Common Law Court plate, the Common Law Court will accept and honour the existence of this certificate. When the MOT certificate expires, you will need to obtain a Roadworthy Certificate every twelve months.


  1. Despite the fact living men and women are not bound by statutory legislation, we agree that all living men or women should ensure that they travel responsibly, causing no harm, loss and/or injury to others.

    Bearing the above in mind, the people would expect living men and women to use the existing legislation as a guide to adhere to.


  1. Any living individual using their motor vehicle under common law to travel, would only be doing so lawfully once they have the following in place:
    • recorded a declaration for the vehicle on the Common Law Court website
    • obtained a Common Law Court number plate
    • obtained through the Common Law Court a valid motor insurance for this vehicle
    • they have either a valid MOT or Roadworthy Certificate attached to the vehicle


In the event of an accident

You will need to obtain the name, contact and insurance details for the other party involved.

You will need to pass on your insurance bond and contact details to the other party involved.

You will then be required to forward this information to Travellers Insure, who will then deal with your claim and settlement.

Please be aware that when submitting a claim, an excess of ⌘267 Cruinn (⌘267 = £400 approx. = $524 approx.) must be paid.









Click on the link below to obtain a copy of your Roadworthy Certificate, this will need to be completed by a licensed mechanic. As this is a new procedure under common law and the prices have not been set, the cost of paying a mechanic to obtain this may vary.



When you have a completed Roadworthy Certificate, you will be required to forward a copy of this to the following e-mail address     [email protected]  


Warning:  As this process is new, the statutory authorities wil be unaware of it. The Common Law Court will be notifying statutory governments and police authorities about our process, but be aware, if you choose to use this process just now, you are doing so at your own risk.