New and Exciting News

New and Exciting News

3 years ago


Given our continued development and increase in demand for this process, we have now launched this new website. This website will help to meet further demands, is more user friendly and will offer many new features, it is also operated by a team of individuals throughout the UK who will update features regularly.

To use this website and process you are required to create an account, this will be done when you record your birth.

In addition to allowing you to record information in our ‘Book of Deeds‘ we will also be offering additional categories which will help you to assert your inherent birth rights.

Our new website has a ‘Video Platform’ which will allow you to submit relevant videos for sharing, these videos once approved will be uploaded in to the appropriate categories. We will also be uploading ‘How To‘ videos which will assist you on the site.

Having just set up a ‘Forum’ on our previous site, we will now be developing this concept to highlight the relevant issues that currently concern us. We apologise for the inconvenience involved and the loss of previous posts but this was due to the change in website.

Our ‘Latest News‘ feature will cover relevant stories and topics for the Common Law Court. highlighting not only serious issues but will adopt a tongue in cheek approach to do so.

Our new ‘Shop’ facility is user friendly and will offer a smooth process for purchasing, as our website is now fully automated it also means that there will be no delays while processing orders.

We now have a new ‘Name and Shame‘ page which will highlight any individual that chooses to ignore common law, the Common Law Court, the authority of the people and that uses the statutory process to cause harm, injury and loss to others.

Our new ‘Cases’ page offers an improved service and will highlight each case individually. This facility is used to retain a permanent record of cases for the Common Law Court and will now be updated regularly as we now have supported teams in over fifty locations throughout the UK who will be convening courts on a regular basis.

In our ‘Deeds’ section. every individual can access their own account, record additional entries and amend or update their personal information.

The website also also offers an improved ‘Search Facility‘ which will also display an abbreviated extract for all entries.

The final page on the website is the ‘Donate’ page. While the use of this site and process is free of charge, we do incur various ongoing costs for convening courts, day to day running expenses, development and our website. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, whether individual or monthly and all income raised through the Common Law Court is used to continually develop this process, ensuring that all individuals have the right to a lawful remedy.