Number Plate

The Common Law Court is now offering the opportunity to purchase your own CLC Number Plate.

As many people have found, statutory authorities unlawfully enforce various fines for failure to comply whith their rules, these rules do not apply to living men and women.

To enforce these rules, bailiffs and/or police will regularly uplift your property, forcing you to pay fines before it is released.

The reason that the authorities may do so is due to the fact that you still have a number plate which has been issued by the state. 

By submitting a declaration of ownership on the CLC website, you confirm that you own the vehicle and that you have the appropriate reference number to confirm such.

By purchasing a CLC number plate you confirm that it is under the authority and jurisdiction of the Common Law Court and the Universal Postal Union.

CLC Numbers will be issued numerically through the Common Law Court. (the first plate issued will commence with 1000).

To purchase your number plate, click on to the link below, complete the form and make your payment. PLEASE BE ADVISED A SHIPPING COST OF £10 UK AND £15 INTERNATIONAL IS ALSO CHARGED 

CLC Insurance MUST BE in place before a number plate can be purchased.


Purchase Your CLC Number Plate


Should you wish to obtain a custom number plate, click on to the link below to enquire.

Custom Number Plate


Warning:  As this process is new, the statutory authorities wil be unaware of it. The Common Law Court will be notifying statutory governments and police authorities about our process, but be aware, if you choose to use this process just now, you are doing so at your own risk.

Should you receive unlawful attention from either government, driving authorities or the police, the Common Law Court will assist in this matter.