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The Common Law Court is now recording, Ownership and Title Deeds for land and/or property in their ‘Book of Deeds.’

As it stands just now, all land and property is registered with the appropriate statutory authority, in the area concerned (e.g. Land Registry or Registers of Scotland).

All land and property is currently owned by the legal fiction/entity (e.g. MR JOE BLOGGS) and associated claims from corporate entities are attached to the Deeds.

Under Common Law you also have the right to record ownership of any land and/or property in the ‘Book of Deeds’ for preservation.

By submitting this record of ‘Ownership & Title Deeds’ you are transferring authority from the statutory system, to a Common Law System and from the legal fiction/entity to the man and/or woman.

Any man or woman can submit a record in this category, provided that they have recorded their birth with the Common Law Court, obtained ownership of the Fictitious Name and have submitted the relevant sales declaration.

The procedure for recording these deeds under Common Law, are as follows:
The named owner(s) on the statutory deeds are the only one(s) that can record this information.

The named owner(s) must have obtained an extract of the deeds, from the appropriate statutory authority.

The obtained extract, will have to confirm the existing owner(s), a title number, a brief description of the property, the address and an appropriate plan for identification purposes.

The extract will also have to confirm the transfer details to the existing owner(s).

The named individual(s) submitting this information must have recorded their birth details with the Common Law Court and must have obtained the appropriate Reference Number to confirm their entry.

The named individual(s) submitting this entry must have obtained ownership of the Fictitious Name, having submitted an application to do so, with the Common Law Court and received the appropriate Reference Number to confirm their entry.

The individual(s) submitting this record must also complete the relevant sales declaration. This sales declaration will confirm the sale and transfer from the existing owner(s) (the legal fiction(s)), to the man and/or woman under Common Law.

The owner(s)/s of the land and/or property concerned are required to submit their entry in full, before it can be recorded.