Lynda Thyer’s Unlawful Imprisonment

7 months ago

Lynda Thyer, a biomedical scientist has been unlawfully imprisoned in France for curing over 9,500 people with various illnesses. A Common Law Court, consisting of 12 reasonable minded men and women issued a court order, demanding her immediate and safe return.

The Government, Attorney General, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary are refusing to comply with this order, confirming that they believe they are superior to the people, the Common Law Court and God.

Who do these individuals work for?

Do you believe that the people should have access to a possible cure for cancer and numerous other diseases?

Do you believe that Lynda Thyer should be released immediately from the French Prison she is unlawfully detained in?

If you agree with the above, please click this link to confirm your support:    CLICK HERE



2 Responses to “Lynda Thyer’s Unlawful Imprisonment”

  1. David Hetherington on April 9th, 2020 6:55 am

    Right, i believe i have the answer to your problem….
    please go & do some research on german new medicine, as this wil clarify that the human body repairs its self, so technicaly you can argue the fact that lynda didnt cure anybody from anything, which she probably didnt, she just asisted the body in healing it’s self.
    i got a funny feeling that the founder of german new medicine Dr Hamer was put in a paris jail as well, for relesing this information to the public, so go & arm yourself with as much of his work as you can…..ill get you started.

  2. David Hetherington on April 9th, 2020 7:02 am

What do you think?

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