The Common Law Court In Swansea

3 weeks ago


Common Law Court


Please find below, details for the meeting of the Common Law Court at the Swansea Marriot on Sunday 1st December 2019, see below.

There is free parking at the hotel (first come first served), there is an over spill car park next door so spaces should be ok.

If anyone needs a room, they have been discounted in the hotel from £150 – £90 but try online if you need rooms you may get them cheaper or find better choices.

Marriot Hotel

Maritime Quarter



Tel – 01792 642020

(don’t forget on arrival book your car in on the system/press enter or you’ll get a £70 parking ticket)

The conference commences at 12 noon and finishes between 4 pm to 5 pm, ideally you should be there between 11.30 to 11.45 am.


CLC Agenda 


1st session – The Creation of the Common Law Court

Why was it set up?

Where does it get its authority from?

How do you convene a Common Law Court?


2nd Session – The Existing Common Law Court

Involvement & Countries

The website and use off

The development


3rd Session – The Future

The Development – Changes – CLC News

The Challenge to Authority and Jurisdiction

Discussion on the 1971 decision

Queen’s Coronation Oath

Affidavit to support the Challenge of Jurisdiction Submission


4th Session – The Way Ahead

Appointments – Support and Structure

The next phase

Questions and Answers



CLC News 12th November 2019

4 weeks ago


Welcome to CLC News our new weekly feature.

This week we have an update regarding the unlawful behaviour of Mr Mark King (Bailiff), we are calling for further support of the people to have his licence removed.

We also cover the issue of the legal fiction and offer information for attending the statutory court (place of business).

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Carey Pensions UK

1 month ago

On the 31st October 2019 the CLC Peace Service attended Carey Pensions UK office to serve a court order on Coral Harris (nee Hallett).

Despite being informed that Coral was in the building by a male employee, Christine Hallett, the CEO for the company and Coral’s mother came down to reception and refused to accept the paperwork, she also stated that Coral was eight months pregnant and in hospital.

While the officer’s in attendance have the authority to enforce decisions from the Common Law Court, they decided to act lawfully and leave the premises, rather than causing a scene.

To highlight further the behaviour of Christine Hallett, she has defied a Common Law Court order and has intervened with the service of this order. By trying to subvert the enforcement process of the CLC Peace Service, she has committed a criminal offence against them and the people, by her obstruction of justice and criminal harassment, for which she will be held accountable if this matter is not resolved.

The court order mentioned has now been served by Royal Mail, Recorded Delivery and signed for, Coral has seven days to comply with this order.


Letter For Mark King

1 month ago

Everyone is accountable for their own behaviour.

Please download this letter, place your details at the top of the letter on the right hand side, sign it and sent it in to court.

This excuse for a man should be in jail for his behaviour.

Mark King Letter


CLC News 5th November 2019

1 month ago

Welcome to CLC News our new weekly feature.

This week we are looking at the unlawful behaviour of bailiffs and in particular Mr Mark King, we are calling on the support of the people to have his licence removed.

We also cover the findings from the statutory courts (places of business) last week and the Common Law Court meetings in the Isle of Man and in Milton Keynes.

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CLC News 28th October 2019

2 months ago

Welcome to CLC News our new weekly feature. This channel will be used for features, information, interviews, news, questions and updates.

In addition to the above we will regularly highlight any Common Law Courts that are due to be convened and pass on information about any statutory courts that are pending.

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Statutory Court Hearings

2 months ago

Given the unlawful behaviour of the statutory courts, it is essential that we witness first hand what is happening.

We will now be listing all up and coming hearings so that the public may attend to offer support.

We call on anyone who can attend the following hearings this week, to lend their support.


Court Dates

Date            29th October 2019

Court          Pontypridd Magistrates Court

Time           11.30 am

Name          Gavin Griffiths


Date            30th October 2019

Court          Truro County Court

Time           2 pm

Name          David Laity


Date            31st October 2019

Court          Portsmouth Magistrates Court

Time           9.30 am

Name          Anthony Coles & John Egan


Date            31st October 2019

Court          Westminster Magistrates Court

Time           10 am

Name          David Noakes




CLC Meetings

2 months ago

The Common Law Court have been busy over the last couple of months and will now be rolling out a programme of enforcement, news, training, updates and regular meetings.

The first of these meeting will be held on the Isle of Man on 30th October 2019 and the second will be held in Milton Keynes on the 31st October 2019.

Everyone is welcome and entrance is free.

Click these links for full details

Isle of Man                                                 Milton Keynes



Up and Coming Court Dates

4 months ago

Up and Coming Common Law Courts

We can confirm that the Common Law Court is causing considerable problems for the statutory courts (places of business), so much so that they are also having to ignore our inherent rights (writ of habeas corpus) to retain control.

The statutory courts (places of business) have also unlawfully extradited Lynda Thyer to France, where she will be tried. This was despite lodging a challenge to their authority and jurisdiction and a writ of habeas corpus.

Great Britain can now boast that they may be one of only a few countries in the world that fail to comply with a writ of habeas corpus, proof that we have no justice in the statutory jurisdiction.

We now wish to inform you about the convening of up and coming Common Law Courts.


We have four courts which will be convened on the following dates:

Saturday 31st August 2019   To deal with the issue of the UNLAWFUL treatment of David Noakes and Lynda Thyer, in relation to GcMAF, a successful treatment for cancer and other illnesses.


The Defendants are:

Nicholas Loraine Smith (Judge), c/o Southwark Crown Court, 1 English Grounds, London, SE1 2HU

Jean-Luc Gadaud (Judge), c/o Court of Appeal Paris, 10 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris, France



Time:           Arrive between 10am and 10.50am, Commences at 11am sharp.


Sunday 1st September 2019  To deal with the unlawful administering of the HPV vaccine to the people.


The Defendants are:

Matt Hancock (Secretary of State for Health and Social Care) British Isles

David Ashford (Minister for Health and Social Care) Isle of Man

Richard Renouf (Minister for Health and Social Services) Jersey, Channel Islands

Henrietta Ewart (Director of Public Health) Isle of Man



Time:           Arrive between 11.30am and 11.50am, Commences at Noon sharp.


Additional Cases

There will also be two additional cases on Sat/Sun 14th/15th of September 2019. These cases will deal with the issues of the 5G roll out and the unlawful behaviour of the banks, mortgage companies and the Land Registry.

Further details of the defendants, times and venues will be published in the next couple of weeks.


CLC Enforcement

The Common Law Court has been working for several months on this issue and we will have this operational within the next couple of weeks. Further details will be updated on the website under the ‘Latest News’ category.



As you are aware the Common Law Court is not funded and exists with limited income. It is essential that we continue to convene our own courts and that we can provide a lawful remedy.

These up and coming courts will be able to accommodate over 100 people in the public gallery and will have audio and video equipment to assist with the presentation of the cases.

If you can help, we need funding to pay for these venues. Could you please forward a one-off donation to assist with these costs or if possible, could you please set up a monthly donation for £1.00 per month. While the monthly donation is a token amount, if everyone were to donate, this would allow us to cover the running costs for these courts.


Thank you for your help

If you can make it, we look forward to seeing you at the up and coming court cases.



Lynda Thyer Update

5 months ago

I write to confirm that despite lodging paperwork with the Supreme Court for an appeal, I have been informed that they will not hear it.

The appeal was required because the High Court in London have refused to hear my challenge to the authority and jurisdiction of the courts and the crown and then they refused me an injunction hearing, to stay further action against Lynda Thyer.

Points to Note

  1. The government and the statutory courts obtain their authority from the people.
  2. The people created the government and the statutory courts.
  3. The government and statutory courts are fictions.
  4. Fictions cannot have authority over their creator.
  5. The statutory courts believe that they can ignore and an order issued by the Common Law Court and the people .
  6. Judges believe that they are not accountable for their behaviour.
  7. If you are refused the right to a hearing, how can this be lawful?

Not only must Justice be done, it must also be seen to be done.


To view the submitted papers click the links below.

Lawful Challenge                              Lord Chief Justice Letter

What do you think? Please leave your comment below.


If you wish to assist in this process, please use the contacts below. You can ask the Lord Chief Justice and/or the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice why this issue has not been dealt with, or you can demand an immediate hearing for John Smith, so as to determine the status of the arrest warrant and extradition order for LYNDA THYER.


The Lord Chief Justice
Royal Courts of Justice

Phone: 020 7947 6655 (Admin Court)


Rt Hon David Gauke MP
Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 020 7219 4459