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CLC Cases - All convened common law court cases
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Declaration of the CLC- Recorded in the Book of Deeds 3rd January 2019
Lawful Notice - Notice to any and all statutory authorities recorded in the Book of Deeds 28th April 2019
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Documentation - All catagories covered by CLC
Hall of Shame - Man and Woman who act in dishonour

All - All products and documents available to purchase
Withdraw Consent - Confirming stance of no consent and non compliance to statutory rules/statutes or acts of parliament
Common Law Court Card - Confirming your stance under common law as a living man or woman
Documents & Certificates - All physical documents available to purchase
Digital Documents & Certificates - All digital documents available to purchase
Merchandise - All CLC related products
Void Orders - PDF version of Order

Birth Certificate - By submitting a declaration for your birth, you have confirmed that you are living.
Fictitious Name - Reclaim ownership of your legal name
Sale Declaration - Record your land and dwelling under common law
Medical Marijuana - Declare your right to use cannabis for medicinal purposes
Marriage Certificate - Confirm your marriage under common law by making your declaration
Lawful Rebellion - Confirmation of your stance under Lawful Rebellion
Commercial Liens - A common law process used to resolve disputes between individuals
Motor Vehicles - Record your mode of conveyance
Company Declaration - Company recording under common law
Other Documents - Record any document that does not fall in to the other categories
Public Notices - Record any declaration that you require to be made public
Proof of Life - For parents to record unborn babies
Death Certificate - To record the passing of a CLC member
Last Will & Testament - Confirm your wishes by recording your last will and testament
Animal Pet Ownership - Record the ownership of your animal/pet by submitting your declaration
CLC Passport - Confirming your inalienable right to travel freely and unhindered

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Currency - The currency for living men and women

Passport - Given the currently difficulties facing living men and women, the Common Law Court is now offering the opportunity to purchase your own Common Law Court Passport.
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