Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman

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Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 21 / 322793

Name Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman
Date 11/18/2020

18th November 2020

Ref: AMB/ ASMKFHS / ARAR / SAL / MFA / MSIA / UN / COMMITTEE 300 / 20201118 / 00-01 / Original Copy.
Singapore Academy of Law Certificate of Authenticate: ACOK9100NE & ACOK9KOEHB
Verification Code: 79979981 & 67328479
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Codes: 20120766 & 20121084

Governance of the Day in Singapore &
Governance Administrations and Affiliate Agencies
Republic of Singapore

Abdul-Rashid-Bin-Abdul-Rahman [Harun Aminurasyid]
Block 1 Eunos Crescent
Singapore 400001

Dear Sir,

Re: Revoking Consent to be Governed | Sovereign Claim of Rights | Self-Independence Self- Determination

I came to a seemingly inevitable crossroads in this present incarnation. Unforeseen circumstances had presented me with two choices: declare Lawful Rebellion under Article 61 of the Magna Charta; or revoke my consent govern by serving The Day Governance of Singapore a SOVEREIGN DECLARATION & CLAIM OF RIGHTS.


I, Abdul-Rashid-Bin-Abdul-Rahman, also known as [Harun Aminurasyid] holder of Kingdom Filipina Hacienda Diplomat Passport No.OCT01-04KFHASM00000103, fictitious and or artificial name ABDUL RASHID BIN ABDUL RAHMAN De facto Singapore ID S1701042E a blessed living soul, in the physical form of a flesh and blood Man, who, according to the eye-witness testimony of my biological mother, separated from her womb in the Kandang Kerbau General Hospital of Singapore, on the 18 February 1965, do hereby state clearly and unequivocally that the following is a Verified Plain Statement of the Facts as I perceive them.

Whereas, it is my understanding that:
1. Natural Law, also known as the Law of Nature, is that which the Supreme Being, the Sovereign of the Universe and Creator of all that is, has prescribed to all Mankind, not by any formal promulgation, but by the internal dictate of reason alone, and,

2. Natural Law forms the permanent and underlying basis of all law and theories of Natural Law have been an integral part of jurisprudence throughout legal history, and,

3. Natural Law is to be distinguished from Positive Law, which is the body of law created by Man, and,

4. Common Law is that which derives its force and authority from the universal consent and immemorial practice of the people; it has never received the sanction of the legislature by an express act, which is the criterion by which it is distinguished from Statute Law, and

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5. The Fundamental Laws of the Universe include (without limitation) the Law of Allowance, the Law of Intent and the Law of Balance, and,

6. Natural Law is both anterior and superior to Positive Law, and,

7. The principals of Natural Law derive from the Fundamental Laws of the Universe, and,

8. The Law of Allowance dictates that all sentient beings must be allowed to exercise their own Freewill at all times and without exception, and,

9). In accord with the Laws of Nature, Common Law dictates that all Men and Women are free to do what they choose for themselves, provided they do not infringe the rights to life, freedom, equity and/or the peaceful possession of property of another, and,

[10]. The land commonly known as Singapura belongs to the Indigenous Malay, of The Sultanate Riau Lingga Archipelagos recognized by Queen Victoria the II as a Sovereign Country in 1885 of Singapore is a Common Law jurisdiction, and,

11. Parliament and the National Government of Singapore are legal entities, and as such, they are not immune from bankruptcy and insolvency laws, and,

12). Legal entities of any and all natures and descriptions necessarily require voluntary agreements in order to make claim to or assert authority and/or control over other parties and/or their property, and,

13). A ‘statute’ is the written will of the legislature, used in contradistinction to Common Law; it is considered a legislated rule of a society which has been given the force of law by the voluntary consent of its members, and,

14). A ‘society’ is a community of Men and Women united together by mutual consent, in order to deliberate, determine and act jointly for some common goal and/or purpose, and,

[15]. No Man or Woman, whether Monarch, President, Prime Minister, Pope, politician, judge or public servant of any description, is above the Fundamental Laws of the Universe, Natural Law and Common Law, and equity before the law is paramount and mandatory, and,

[16]. A ‘Sovereign’ is a man who governs himself independently of any foreign control, in the union and exercise of all human power possessed in a Sovereign Head of State and/or government, and,

[17.] ‘Government’ is the manner in which sovereignty is exercised in each Sovereign State, and ‘democracy’ is that form of government in which the sovereign power is exercised by the people in a body; therefore, ‘democratic government’ is the body which exercises the sovereign power of the people who consented to it, and,

18. The enforcement of government policy by coercive and/or deceptive methods is always, and without exception, a breach of Natural Law and Common Law, even if those methods are permitted or prescribed under statute or the orders of criminal governments, and,

19. The only form of democratic government which is recognised as lawful anywhere on the Earth is a representative one, and,

[20]. Without dishonour, in the absence of my explicit, voluntary and sealed consent, I refuse to be bound by agreements made on my behalf by legal entities of any and all natures and descriptions, since legal entities are incapable of moral sensibilities and function only for the benefit their shareholders and stakeholders, very often to the detriment of my community and the beautiful, bountiful Earth, and,
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[21]. In the absence of the voluntary consent of the governed, representative government cannot lawfully exist, under any circumstances whatsoever, and,

[[22]]. Men and Women born anywhere on Earth have a natural and unalienable right to self-determination and self-governance, and can therefore, at any time, choose to revoke or deny their consent to be governed, and,

[[23]]. Any flesh and blood Man or Woman who does revoke or deny their consent to be governed is free from government control and statutory obligations, restrictions and restraints of any and all natures and descriptions, and,

[24]. A perfected Claim of Right establishes a ‘lawful excuse’, and this factual truth is clearly expressed in the Constitution of Singapore Article 9, in relation to situations where the law creates and vests a specific right to disregard statutory obligations under certain circumstances, and,

25. Representative government necessarily requires the voluntary consent of the governed, and,

26. ‘De facto’ denotes that something exists as a matter of fact, rather than of lawful right, and,

[27.] Any flesh and blood Man or Woman acting with lawful excuse is not in breach of any law in choosing to disobey any de facto government, court, tribunal, statute, act, bill, code, by-law, warrant, writ, directive, regulation, edict, decree, treaty or order, and,

28. The legitimacy of HER MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN & NORTHERN IRELAND, the authority of the CROWN and the jurisdiction of the Courts of England & Wales including Singapore under the Commonwealth countries are de facto in nature, since every government, court and/or Parliament loses its legitimacy by default when it commits or assents to International war crimes or when it wages illegal wars under fraudulent pretexts and without the consent of the people, as the foregoing entities have done with regard to the Anglo-American occupations and ruthless plunder of Afghanistan and Iraq, and,

29. Any and all agreements made for and on behalf of the Indigenous people of the islands commonly known as SINGAPORE , THE CROWN, THE CITY OF LONDON, THE EUROPEAN UNION, THE UNITED NATIONS, and/or any of their executives, agencies, officers, partners, trustees, creditors, representatives, affiliates or any other legal entities, organisations or individuals, do not in any way legally bind the Men and Women of Singapore who have revoked or denied their consent to be governed, nor do any of those agreements preclude the unalienable rights of the indigenous peoples of Singapore to self-determination and self-governance, and,

30. In English law, a statutory breach made under a Claim of Right is considered to be a limited form of offence, as demonstrated in the case of Chamberlain v Lindon 1998 1 WLR 1252 [1], after Lindon demolished a wall to protect a right-of-way. Despite allowing nine months to pass before acting, Lindon honestly believed that it was immediately necessary to protect his legal rights without having to resort to civil litigation. It is not necessary to decide whether Lindon’s action was justified as a matter of civil law. For the purposes of criminal law, what matters is whether Lindon believed that his actions were reasonable, i.e. a subjective test. Thus, a lawful excuse may be acknowledged by a court to arise when an individual honestly, even if mistakenly, believes that their actions are necessary and reasonable, and,

31. The Courts of Singapore and Organ of the States such as IRAS & Customs, NEA, LTA, HDB, TP, CPF, State POLICE FORCES and their POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS related agencies are now, whether knowingly or unknowingly, engaged in the business of generating revenues for the benefit of the National Government’s creditors, and,

32. The Court of Singapore, the POLICE FORCES and their POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, LTA, TP, NEA, HDB, CPF, State Police Force are now, whether knowingly or unknowingly, consistently failing to uphold the rights to life, freedom, equity and the peaceful possession of property of the people of Singapore, and,
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33. Any action for which Men and Women can apply for and receive a license must itself be a fundamentally lawful action, and,

34. If POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS are not providing a service for an injured party who has given sworn or affirmed testimony against another for infringing their rights to life, freedom, equity and/or the peaceful possession of property, there is no legal recourse to stop, detain, question or search any Man or Woman who is not in breach of the peace, and,

35. POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS and their related outsources services contractor such as State Courts, NEA, TP, LTA, CPF. HDB, IRAS and to names a few who attempt to levy and/or enforce arbitrary fines and forfeitures, or any other statutory provisions, upon a flesh and blood Man or Woman who has lawfully revoked their consent to be governed, are, in fact, breaching the peace and automatically liable for the service and payment of the Fee Schedule prescribed herein, and,

36. The law must provide remedy at all times and without exception, even against rogue or negligent JUDGES and POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS and related agencies such as NEA, TP, LTA, CPF, IRAS, HDB as well as de facto government participants who are controlled by soulless corporate interests, and,

[37]. I am a fully grown, adult, flesh and blood Man, of sound mind, peaceful intent and loving heart; therefore, I do not recognise any perceived obligation to ask permission to engage in lawful and peaceful activities, under any circumstances whatsoever, and,

38. Legal entities exist in an entirely fictitious realm, and as such, they do not have the capacity to exert any control and/or authority over Men and Women who operate with regard to that knowledge, and,

39. Men and Women are born with the unalienable rights of full Freedom and Intercourse of Trade and Navigation to and from any port or place on the Earth, and,

40. Clause 9 (1), Liberty-“No freeman shall be arrested or imprisoned or disseised or outlawed or exiled or in any way victimised, neither will we attack him or send anyone to attack him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land”, and clause 40, “To no-one will we refuse or delay right or justice”, of the original Magna Carta of 1215 are still in full force and effect, and that the expression “law of the land” means Common Law, as defined in the foregoing, and,

41. Living freely in peace is within my community’s standards and does not create any harm, loss, injury, damage or liability, or comprise a breach of the peace in any way whatsoever, and,

42. The act of registering the birth of a baby forms an Implied Trust and Capitalised Trade Name (also known as a Legal Person), which then exist in association with that baby’s given and family names, and,

43. Our national domicile is Kingdom Filipina Hacienda, Autocratic Sovereign Monarchy not England and our quasi-national domicile is The New Sovereign Republic of Singapore, not de facto Republic of Singapore.

44. The formation and nature of these legal entities are not usually disclosed to a baby’s parents when they apply to the CROWN and Singapore Governance for a certificate of live birth for their child, nor is the pledging of said baby’s sweat equity to the creditors of the National Government, or the granting of a Life Annuity that is solely dependent upon the life that baby (the Beneficiary), and,

45. I have no legal or lawful obligation to obey the orders of any Man, Woman, individual, organisation or legal entity claiming to be acting on behalf of the President, Prime Minister, Queen or King or Pope, including (without limitation) the executives, agents, officers, partners and affiliates of THE CROWN, THE CITY OF LONDON, THE VATICAN, THE UNITED NATIONS, THE EUROPEAN UNION and SINGAPORE, since I do not grant consent to any authority that they might claim to have over my person or my body, and,
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46. All nations are therefore under a strict obligation to cultivate justice towards each other, to observe it scrupulously, and carefully to abstain from everything that may violate it as per the Law of Nations Book II Chapter V §64 states.

[47]. Permanent, irrevocable estoppel by acquiescence, barring any POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, Organs of State, Court and or prosecutor from bringing charges against this blessed living soul with flesh and blood Man, under any act, Bill, Statute, By-law, Ordinance, Regulation, Directive, Order or Code is Automatically created, upon the making of this SOVEREIGN DECLARATION and the succeeding CLAIM OF RIGHT and there shall have no rules of law to Abrogate it nor rebutted it by any de facto governance administrations engaged with an Admiralty, Maritime Law of the Sea.

48. Every nation has the right not to suffer any of her rights to be taken away, or anything which lawfully belongs to her as per the Law of Nations Book II Chapter V §65 states.

49. This right is a perfect one, – that is to say, it is accompanied with the right of using force in order to assert it as per the Law of Nations Book II Chapter V §66 states.

50. Whoever offends the state, injuries its rights, disturbs its tranquillity, or does it a prejudice in any manner whatsoever, declares himself its enemy, and exposes himself to be justly punished for it and the sovereign should avenge his wrongs, punish the aggressor, and, if possible, oblige him to make full reparation as per the Law of Nations Book II Chapter VI §71 states.

51. The perfect security and inviolability of ambassadors and other ministers is a certain consequence of the necessity and the right of embassies and embassies then being of such great importance in the universal society of nations, and so being necessary to their common well-being, the persons of ministers charged with those embassies are to be held sacred and inviolable among all nations as per the Law of Nations Book IV Chapter VII §81 states.

52. All writs and processes against an Ambassador or other public minister, or any of his servants of which may be arrested or imprisoned, or his or their goods or chattels of which may be distained, seized or attached, shall be deemed and adjudged to be utterly null and void to all intense, constructions, and purposes whatsoever as per the British Monarch statue the Diplomatic Privileges Act 7 (Annæ Chapter 12) article III states.

53. The immunity conferred by the British Monarch statue the Diplomatic Privileges Act7 Annæ Chapter 12) while professing merely to secure the persons and property of public ministers against process of the Courts, it does in fact confer upon them complete freedom from interference by the Supreme Court of Singapore.

54. It is an evident consequence of the liberty and independence of nations, that all have a right to be governed how they think proper, and no state has the smallest right to interfere in the government of another as per the Law of Nations Book II Chapter IV §54 states.

55. All the reasons which establish an ambassador’s independence and inviolability, concur likewise in securing the freedom of his house as per the Law of Nations Book IV Chapter IX §117 states.

56. The persons in an Ambassador’s retinue partake of his inviolability; his independency extends to every individual of his household and these maxims are at present every-where adopted and confirmed by custom as per the Law of Nations Book IV Chapter IX §120 states.

57. All nations ought to carefully avoid everything which might wear the appearance of an insult offered to an Ambassador and not only does the law of nations claim that respect, but prudence moreover recommends such caution and delicacy as per the Law of Nations Book III Chapter IV §90 states.

58. Crimes against humanity means enslavement and crimes described in article 7 of the Rome Statue are crimes according to international customary law as per the Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act, section 4(3) and (4) states.
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59. The ambassador’s wife is intimately united with him, and more particularly belongs to him than any other person of his household, accordingly she participates in his independence and inviolability: she even receives distinguished honours, which, in a certain degree, cannot be refused to her without affronting the ambassador; the respect due to the ambassador extends likewise to his children, who also partake of his immunities as per the Law of Nations Book IV Chapter IX §121 states.

60. The International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over all natural persons who commits a crime within the jurisdiction of the court and shall be individually responsible and liable for punishment as per the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court, article 25 states.

61. A polite nation should give the kindest reception to foreigners; receive them with politeness, and one very occasion shrew a disposition to oblige them. Humanity is not confined to the bare grant of a permission to foreign nations to make an innocent use of what belongs to another nations: it moreover requires that the nation should even facilitate to them the means of deriving advantage from it, so far as they can do this without injury to themselves as per the Law of Nations Book II Chapter VI §139 states.

62. Every Nation has the perfect right to ask of another that assistance and those kind offices which I am conceive to stand in need of and to prevent would be doing an injury as per the Law of Nation Book II Chapter 1 §8 states.

63. It is a crime known as “personage”. By arbitrarily creating an Estate trust named after you and claiming to own this thing they created, they have falsely claimed to own you and your assets and to literally buy and sell “you” on stock exchanges, ship “you” out of ports, and tax “you”

Wherefore, be it now known to any and all interested, concerned or affected parties, that I do hereby revoke my consent to be governed and honourably declare that I have reclaimed my unalienable rights as a Sovereign Being, nun-pro-tunc.

Furthermore, it is my honourable intention to live peacefully and lawfully, free from any and all statutory obligations, restrictions and restraints, and to travel freely without charges, delays or disruptions, whether traveling domestically or crossing international borders in my private sovereign capacity, maintaining the rights to create, build, cultivate, harvest, store, trade, exchange and serenely subsist without governance anywhere on Earth, and I hereby state clearly my intention to do so without limitations or regulations arbitrarily imposed by individuals, organisations and/or legal entities of any and all natures and descriptions.

1. I claim the Right to deny my consent to interact or co-operate with de facto government executives, agents, officers, bailiffs and or grossly negligent JUDGES and or POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS and or personal such as NEA, LTA, TP, HDB, URA, IRAS,CPF and other related outsources services contractors agencies.

2. I claim the Right to peacefully possess, use and enjoy any and all property in my care, including (without limitation) land, water and airspace, without having to pay for the use or enjoyment of it.

3. I claim that property of any and all natures and descriptions peacefully held in my possession is permanently held in private trust for the benefit of my offspring, and as such, it is exempt from taxation and statutory regulation.

4. I claim the Right not to be compelled to perform under any statute, contract or agreement that I did not enter into knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally, and I do not accept the liability of any compelled benefits, responsibilities and/or obligations of any bill, code, direction, regulation, convention, statute, contract, trust and/or commercial agreement.

5. I claim the Right to view my community as Mankind and that my course of action is not outside said community’s standards.
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6. I claim the Right to use all necessary means to protect my families’ members, siblings, relatives, friends related to me and its interests, in the event of any and all circumstances unknowingly and or unwittingly.

7. I claim the Right to use all necessary means to protect my physical body and those of my families’ members, Siblings, Relatives and friend related to me in the event of any and all circumstances.

8. I claim the Right to refuse to supply an intimate or non-intimate sample of my DNA for any purpose whatsoever.

9. I claim the Right to refuse to supply samples of my blood, semen and/or urine, in the event of any and all circumstances.

10. I claim the Right to refuse to be medicated, whether by any Man, Woman, individual, government, corporation or legal entity, under any circumstances whatsoever.

11. I claim the Right to cultivate, harvest, store, trade, barter and/or use for my own purposes, any and all organic substances which will grow naturally upon the Earth.

12. I claim the Rights to refuse to be bound by the judgments, orders, warrants, directives and/or rulings of the de facto courts of SINGAPORE, THE EUROPEAN UNION and/or THE UNITED NATIONS, under any circumstances whatsoever accept the Declaration of the Universal Human Rights and the UN Declaration of the Indigenous People Rights Act of IPRA-8371 Nuremberg Code Article 6 Section 1 UNESCO 2005 and Highest Tribunal Supreme Court Jurisdiction and Common Law Court Jurisdiction.

[[13]]. I claim the Right to use any and all legal entities, lawful administrative and or judicial processes I deem to be necessary in order to secure payment of the aforementioned FEE SCHEDULE, against any and all transgressors, who, by their actions or omissions, harm me, my dependents or my family’s interests, directly or by proxy, in any way whatsoever.

[14].I claims the Right to self-determination and self-governance, self-independence without limitation, supervision, intervention or interference of any and all natures and descriptions.

15. I claim the Right of superior guardianship over my offspring, whether singularly or jointly with their biological mother, without limitation and strictly precluding government and/or corporate intervention of any kind, under any circumstances whatsoever.

[[16]]. I claim the Right to amend this Claim of Rights by notice and or without notice, as and when necessary, and at my sole discretion.

17. I claim the Right to hold exclusive Power of Attorney over the physical bodies and legal estates of my offspring, whether singularly or jointly with their biological mother, without limitation and until the eighteenth anniversary of their physical birth.

18. On 18 July 2017, I transferred my domicile and the domiciles of my family. By moving our domicile we changed our political and civil conditions.

19. I claim the Rights to educate my children at home or in any way their biological mother and I deem to be beneficial for their intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development, without limitation, supervision, intervention, inspection or interference of any and all natures and descriptions.

20. I claim the Rights of legal and equitable titles to my legal and lawful person and trade name (& all derivatives thereof) and copyright of the artwork expressed in writing or in print as, ‘Abdul-Rashid-Bin-Abdul-Rahman’ also known as “Harun Aminurasyid”.
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21. I claim the Rights of full Freedom and Intercourse of Trade and Navigation, to and from any port or place on Earth, including (without limitation) the rights to cross international borders and to return to the land of my physical birth at my sole discretion and without interference of any and all natures and descriptions.

22. I claim the Rights to statutory immunity.

23. I claim the Right to Diplomatic Immunity, including [without limitation] the right to a Diplomatic Passport create and issued by Autocratic Sovereign Monarchy (ASM) the Royal Crown of Kingdom Filipina Hacienda, the World Territorial Jurisdiction Redeemer of Original Certificate Title OCT-01-04 stipulated in the Treaty of Paris agreement on the 10 December 1898 for World Peace.

[24]. I have claimed and registered my 1.Birth Certificate No. [BC / 20 /244076], 2.Fictitious name registered [FN / 20 / 246362] 3.Proof of Life registered [POL / 20 / 245920], 4.Medical Marijuana registered [MM / 20 / 245878], 5.Other Document registered [OTH /20 252869], 6.Public Notice registered [PN /20 / 245990], 7.Lawful Rebellion registered [LR / 20 / 252835] with the Common Law Courts Jurisdiction in Great Britain & International.

25. I claim the Rights to charge a FEE SCHEDULE for any transgressions and Coercion by POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS such as NEA, TP, LTA, URA, HDB, CPF, URA, IRAS , CERTIS CISCO and others outsources services enforcement personal and or contractors, Organ of the State, de facto government principals, executives, officers, agents or Justice System participants, of [1] SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND UNITS OF ANY FUNCTIONAL LEGAL CURRENCY of my choosing, per hour [1 hour] or portion thereof, upon and or when I or any members of my families, siblings, relatives and friends related to me is violated, questioned, interrogated or in any way detained, harassed or otherwise regulated, [2] THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITS OF ANY FUNCTIONAL LEGAL CURRENCY of my choosing, per hour or portion thereof, upon and or when I or any members of my families, siblings, relatives and friends related to me is handcuffed, transported, incarcerated and or subjected to any adjudication process, and [3] THREE BILLION UNITS OF ANY FUNCTIONAL LEGAL CURRENCY of my choosing, for any grievous or actual physical harm to my body upon and or that of any members of my families and friends related to me.

As Supreme Being is my witness, I hereby affirm that, to the very best of my knowledge, the entirety of the foregoing is true, correct and not misleading, on the 18th day of the month of November 2020, in the year known as two thousand and 20 CE.

Autographed by
Abdul-Rashid-Bin-Abdul-Rahman [Harun Aminurasyid]
All Rights Reserved – Errors & Omissions Excepted
This Matter is Hereby Final #Motu Proprio

Notary Public

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