A copy of the public notice record below:

Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 21 / 51006

Name Deborah-May
Date 11/25/2019

Deborah-May – War Crimes Tribunal Australia by the People’s Courts


(9:14 pm at 113/156 Bruxner Highway, Loftville, New South Wales on the 25 November 2019)

Issued by Deborah-May on 25th November 2019 in the community Australia, situated within the Sovereign Bundjalung Nation.

I, Deborah-May, a living breathing, Sovereign Woman give public notice of my personal claim of right and of lawful excuse to convene and establish a common law court under my liberty as flesh and blood Sovereign woman; and do hereby call upon the support of all competent men and women to assist me in this lawful right.

I further give public notice of my personal claim of right and of lawful excuse to convene and establish as part of such a court, a jury of my peers, consisting of at least twelve men or women. This hearing is to determine a matter regarding the unlawfully roll out of the 5G network within the Australia.

I require a court order to confirm the unlawful behaviour of the named Defendants;
(David Hurley – Former Australian Governor General
Scott Morrison – The Former Prime Minister of Australia
Margaret Beazley – Former Governor of New South Wales
Mark Speakman – Former Attorney General/Chief Legal and
Josh Frydenberg – Former Australian Treasurer)

This is an official notice in relation to the future harm, loss and injury that will be caused due to the use of racially discriminatory statutes, legislations and Acts, profiteering, exploitation, larceny, modern-day slavery, human trafficking, ethnic cleansing or genocide, criminal coercion and the use of statutory legislation in relation to War Crimes committed through the act of Treason and Treachery.

Exhibit #1 – File number: 333-163307; CIK:0000805157.

Exhibit #2 – Is Australian Constitution Racist Report by Martin Hinton QC, Solicitor General.

Exhibit #3 – The Guardians Media Release.

Exhibit #4 – Indigenous Prison Rates.

Exhibit #5 – Extinguishment of Native Title under s. 237A Native Title Act.

By operation of law, this request is necessary for the purpose of providing a lawful remedy.

However, if the Common Law Court is unable to make judgement and therefore a determination in this matter due to a conflict of interest, then I hereby give public notice to the Common Law Court, that I will be erecting the National War Crimes Tribunal through the Indigenous People’s Court – Australia, the link for victims and survivors of past and current human rights violations by the Australian Government and it’s states and territories can then submit their testimonies and upload audio and visual evidence is provided for them by me on behalf of the People.

I hereby publicly call upon and request the support of the community to open the case file in the common law court.

I make this public claim of right freely, without coercion or ulterior motive, in the interest of justice and the public welfare.

Yalla (Honeybee) aka Deborah-May