Deborah-May Torrens

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Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 21 / 56213

Name Deborah-May Torrens
Date 01/17/2020


The Lismore City Council and other local councils unlawfully arranged, established and in operation against the Will of the People and without referendum, will be given a Notice to Cease and Desist immediately from all unlawful activities, such as accepting bribes in the form of state and federal government grants to continue working against the best interests of the People Organically belonging to the Lands, Territories and Waters which they continue to harm, destroy and commit ecocide. The Councillors have had sufficient time to come to their senses stop lying, deceiving, exploiting, harming, destroying, exploiting, profiteering and accepting bribes in the form of grants by states and territories found guilty of committing calculated systemic genocide and who are currently under investigation for Core War Crimes in pursuant to the Rome Statute and in partnership with the Common Law Courts.

Supporting Evidence here:

In a letter dated, in the year 2010 from the then Attorney-General by the Hon Robert McClelland MP, he stated clearly in his letter addressed to one of the constituents that;

“In 1998, four proposals to amend the Constitution were put to voters in accordance with section 128 of the Constitution. One of those proposals sought to give constitutional recognition to Local government, but the proposal was not carried.

The Constitution does not currently recognise local governments. Any changes to the Constitution to recognise local governments will need to be approved by voters at a referendum. The Government will continue to explore reform, including constitutional recognition, to facilitate cooperation with local government.”

Due to the Australian government allowing this unlawful entity and body to continue operating, the United Tribal Council has now taken on the role and duty of putting on Notice and issuing warrants for the arrest of local organised Terrorist groups called the following names and numbers:

1. Lismore City Council – This symbolises the living bodies
2. LISMORE CITY COUNCIL – This symbolises the ‘dead bodies’ The “ALL CAPS” name
3. 60 080 932 837 – This is the numbers that are converted and then used on the United States Stock Exchange to sell of all assets, properties, lands etc al that the unlawful councils have done business with without free, prior and informed permission from the Genuine Elders, Lore-Women and Lore-Men of the Lands who are on the United Tribal Council.

Note: Not permitted. Hence are unlawful and illegally established and operating.

Support from the Local Sheriff will now be asked for the purpose of stamping out corruption of organised terrorist groups who continue to be well financed to carry out their silent attacks. It will also be known to the Local Sheriff, that the unlawful activity exhibited by the unlawful Lismore City Council, is classified as a Terrorist act due to their laws, policies, certificates, licences, activities, actions finances being directed at the following;

1. Intimidating People
2. Compelling states to comply with their demands
3. Destabilising the fundamental political, constitutional, economic or social structures of a country or an organisation and
4. Destroying the fundamental political, constitutional, economic or social structures of a country or an organisation.

This was in a statement made by Europol, in 2009.

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