Deborah-May Torrens

A copy of the public notice record below:

Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 21 / 56062

Name Deborah-May Torrens
Date 01/16/2020


Let it be known that Local Member of Parliament Janelle Saffin has been granted numerous chances to meet in person, the United Tribal Council to talk about what’s been happening ‘on the ground’ that was not being talked about, hence not made known to the masses.

Janelle’s local office was attended by me, a Tribal Lore-Woman and Officer of the Common Law Courts International to arrange a time and date to talk about the scale of corruption in hopes she would then arrange a time to be part of the Action Plans to bring in and hold to account all War Criminals posing as Australian Agents, Officers and Representative of the Crown.

The following individuals are to be issued a lawful Notice to STAND DOWN and VACATE office due to failing the People who came to them in their great time of need.

1. Janelle Saffin, the Head Local member of Parliament.
2. Ronny Susanto, the Justice of the Peace
3. Carmel Cook, a Member of Staff and
4. Peter Ellem, a Member of Staff.

Their Notices will be sent today due to failing the people when they were given in-person, ‘Real Evidence’ in pursuant to the Evidence Act 1995, Commonwealth.

Each of the aforesaid mentioned now has twenty-one (21) days to vacate the Office, which is to after this time, be seized by Common Law Court Sheriff who will have in-hand, the Notice of Seizure of Property and Assets obtained as a result of systemic corruption.

© Common Lore Court Australia, 2020.