Deborah-May Torrens

A copy of the public notice record below:

Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 21 / 56038

Name Deborah-May Torrens
Date 01/16/2020


Notice is Law; ignorance of the law is no excuse; as it is written; it shall be done;

On Tuesday, 13th of January, 2020, the following organisations, agencies and departments were given irrefutable evidence that clearly shows the Australian government and it’s states and territories have been committed calculated systemic genocide against the Original Nations.

Each one was given statistics which included a trendline showing calculated genocide being committed without remorse, empathy, compassion, mercy and without showing any sign of repenting their crimes and sins against the Originals,that being the Original Tribal Sovereign Nations.

The following were provided these statistics and the Common Lore Courts Sheriff’s and Officers will not follow-up in seven (7) days time, and will ask them to cease aiding and abetting the Australian Genocide at local level to prevent more unnecessary premature deaths.

The organisations, departments and officers approached by the Common Law Court Office, Deborah-May was;

1. Aboriginal Legal Services (NSW/VIC) – Legal Agent for “Aboriginals” Crystal
2. Local Member of Parliament, Janelle Saffin
3. Local Federal Member of Parliament, Kevin Hogan.

Let it be known that each of these were given seven (7) days to contact the United Tribal Council’s Director, who has asked that each of these arrange a time and date to talk about the findings and in what ways they can now provide genuine assistance to victims and survivors of long-suffering in their own lands, territories and waters.

On Monday, the 20th of January, in the Year 2020, the Common Lore Court Officer will approach them and ask sit down and talk about action plans.

Then seven (7) days after this time, if each of the agents and Ministers initially approached by Common Lore/Law Court Officer have failed to contact me on the contact number and email provided, then each one will be given on Monday the 27th, their Notice to Cease and Desist unlawful activity resulting in the aiding and abetting of calculated Systemic genocide by Australia against the Original Sovereign Peoples and their Nations.

If after seven (7) days these individuals have failed to attend Court after their Court Order will be issued for them to be called to stand Trial before a Grand Jury of twelve located at the Common Lore Court Head-Quarters, situated at Loftville, New South Wales, 2480, then each one will be officially classified as ‘War Criminals’ and will be tried and treated according to the Laws of the Rome Statute, the International Common Law Courts of Natural Justice and any others laws that support the case of National Genocide.

Note: Throughout the hearings, the Nuremberg Principles will apply.

Common Lore/Law Court Enforcement Notices will then be sent out to each of the Individuals aforesaid mentioned. The Enforcement Notices will be uploaded onto the Common Law Courts Britain and International sites.

United Tribal Council has also made known to Ministers that a National Inquisition has begun and people are being asked to be cooperative before, during and after the National War Crime Trials.