Denis Peter of the Family Rawlinson

A copy of the public notice record below:

Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 21 / 62221

Name Denis Peter of the Family Rawlinson
Date 02/21/2020


Within Universal maxim of law “
Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal; Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent
All addressed parties Jointly and Severally liable as well as their Successors, Nominees and assigns.

On this day: Twenty first day of February in the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty, an Estoppel was placed against the following, entity and actors, so named; the South Burnett Regional Council, (ABN-89972463351; DUNS-757803718), with a registered business address, (45 Glendon Street, Kingaroy, QLD, 4610, and the following named Actors, Mark Pitt, acting in the role (CEO); Garry Wall, past (CEO); Keith Campbell, (Mayor); Roz Frohloff , (Councillor); Gavin Jones, (Councillor); Danita Potter, (Councillor); Terry Fleischfresser, (Councillor); Kath Duff, (Councillor); Ros Heit, (Councillor); Darryl Kerwitz (Rates Team Leader); Management, Staff, employees; Council advisers; Legal section and advisors; The holder, and occupier of the Minister for Local Government Office, within the, claimed Queensland/ QUEENSLAND/QLD government/GOV;
The reason for this Estoppel, that is active now, is due to the failure of those named above, through acquiesce (Silent, Agreement and Dishonour), after thee (3) Notices, over four (4) months, that resulted in a default notice, and a further fourteen days, to allow the above named, time to prove beyond doubt, that they where, 1/ Not committing “Treason”: by the act of assuming to be that which was not granted by the people, 2/ Not committing “Fraud”: demanding payment for services, that were not consented to freely, with full disclosure, 3/ Not committing “Mail fraud”: sending fraudulent demands under threats and intimidation, without a name and hand written signature of the agent with the authority to make a such a claim, 4/ Not committing an act of Presumption of law, where no facts can be supplied, under oath, under pain and penalty of perjury, to prove such a Law exists; all of those named above were given the opportunity to rebut any and all allege crimes by, An Affidavit of Truth regarding each of the claims (Treason, Fraud, Mail-Fraud, and using the presumption of law were none exists) with evidence to support it, under oath, under pain and penalty of perjury, to have all or any of the claims removed.
The failure of all named above, who now stand in dishonour, of the four (4) alleged crimes, that now stand true in Law and as fact; by their acquiescence thereby, admitting and in total agreement, that they do, by Fraudulent Misrepresentation, commit, and have been committing, Treason, Fraud, Mail-Fraud, and using the presumption of law were none exists … for; within; and under, an entity, named the South Burnett Regional Council, (ABN-89972463351; DUNS-757803718), within the Commonwealth of Australia and within the state of Queensland, against the people;

This Estoppel is now recorded and now placed on record.
Standing in honour, and in the private: under God’s Law.

By: Executor ______________________
The Executor Office,
At: 136/lot 36 Martin Crescent.
Benarkin north, [4314]
Nation Queensland,
Commonwealth of Australia.