A copy of the public notice record below:

Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 21 / 58589

Date 01/31/2020

Claim of Right of Rite:
Take Note; One and All

As of: the thirty first day, of January in the year of our Lord, two thousand and twenty; A.D.

The office of the executor, of the, DENIS PETER RAWLINSON, Estate;

Is now: permanently occupied, by, Denis Peter:
A living flesh and blood man, of conscious soul;

With Deed of live-birth, proving life, and age of maturity -DP-20071967-SA-LB-1

So-be-Ye-Warned” all Trespassers and Fraudsters;

(1) With the power invested, in the executors office, granted by the Lord God: The office, of the, DENIS PETER RAWLINSON, Estate; … Now Grants the claim of right by rite, of Denis Peter, to be the one and only true occupier, of the Executors office, … therefore;

(2) The power of attorney, that was/is, fraudulently and falsely claimed and held by others, has now and forever more, been revokes; rescinded; and now stands null and void, nunc pro tunt;

(3) Forbidding all trespass: to any and all others, be they the living, in both their, acting roles or private capacity; be it an entity, or entities; … that may lay claim to;

(3d) The living man: Denis Peter, of flesh and blood man, and conscious soul;
(3a) The: Executors office, of the, DENIS PETER RAWLINSON, Estate;
(3c) The assumed : Legal fiction, and persona, Denis Peter Rawlinson;
D P RAWLINSON, (with or without title, or written in any altered format);

(4) In the presents, of the, Lord God, and with the Lord God’s blessing, “the Executors office” executes it power, for-and-over, the … DENIS PETER RAWLINSON, Estate; and Now-Grants, the only acceptable, position of “power of attorney”: to Denis Peter, the true, one and only, Occupier of the Executor Office, that will, forever now, rests in the hands of, Denis Peter; in addition;

(5) With the power invested in the executors office, this claim of right by rite, shall from now, be, backdated, to the twentieth of July, in the year of one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven, Anno Domini, to the present, and forever-now, from where, all claims and assumed ownership, of and over, Denis Peter; the executor office; and the, DENIS PETER RAWLINSON, Estate; … By: all and any, be they: a seal: mark: thumb print; finger print; hand print, foot print; blood sample; DNA sample; saliva sample; skin sample, autograph, signature, claims of bondage, claims of contracts, claims of slavery, or assumed ownership in any way or form, are, here-and-now, past, present, and future, revoked for ever more, and to remain forever, null and void, nunc pro tunc;

This matter is now adjourned.

Govern yourselves accordingly;

By Executor _Marked & Sealed__
Denis Peter


Affixed: for open challenge: For Thirty Days Clear,

After which The Claim of Right of Rite (DP-20071967-SA-LB-1); Thereafter becomes Law and Final. nunc pro tunc

By the light of Day:
The thirty first day of January in the year of our Lord Two thousand and twenty, A.D.

As-of: the date as written above, and for the next thirty (30) days clear:

Let: any Man – or – Woman; who would challenges these Claims, come forward, and make those challenges clear, for under our Lord Gods laws, all men and women are equal, and all have a say, For that is God’s Law, and the rule of Law, however;

(1) Any claim that is made, must be truthful; sincere and factual, contained irrefutable proof, to prove the facts and sworn under an oath, under pain and penalty of perjury;

(2) Should any claim be under the “presumption of Law”, then that presumption must first be, proven to be factual, were the facts must be presented, to show it is indeed Law, with irrefutable evidence supplied, sworn under an oath, under pain and penalty of perjury;
“then-and-only-then, will the evidence presented, to challenge the Right of Rite claims, will that challenge be accepted, to be used as claimed evidence, however, that which is used, to challenge the executors office, must contain, irrefutable evidence, and be, sworn under an oath, under pain and penalty of perjury;

Warning, not to be taken lightly, as the executors office, will defend its estate rigorously, therefore;

(3) Any that do challenge the executors office, are indeed attacking the Executors Office, and the occupier of that Office, and they do so in peril, should they be: “wrong”, or “commit harm”, even a “mistake”, they will be held guilty of an attack, therefore;

(4) let those who would challenge come forward, having, within their hand/s, a sworn testimony of truth, containing irrefutable evidence, that they have the authority and right of claim over Denis Peter, a living flesh and blood man, of conscious soul; as well as the authority to operate the executors office, and/or control the, DENIS PETER RAWLINSON, Estate; and should their challenge, not be within Universal and Rule of law, but be in the presumption of Law, then these challengers must also furbish the factual proof that their presumption of Law, stands as fact, and be valid, sworn under an oath, under pain and penalty of perjury;

(4a) Should the challenge be proven and the evidence factual, being supplied sworn under an oath, under pain and penalty of perjury,
Then and only then, will all claims, by this office be withdrawn;

(5) However should any of the claims be false, which by its very nature of being an attack, on the, DENIS PETER RAWLINSON, Estate; then remedy will be sought for harm done against Denis Peter; The Executors Office; and the, DENIS PETER RAWLINSON, Estate; up to $100,000,000.00 per individual, (payable on demand), and three fold against an entity that an individual or group represent, (payable on demand), … also;

(6) The executors office, of the DENIS PETER RAWLINSON, Estate; will always reserve the right, to seize, all assets and property, should the remedy not be paid, or to place the Challengers, and or entities, into receivership, and sell off all assets, to recover outstand debt and costs.

(7) Should no challenges be made, within in the 30 clear-days from the date above: and here shown:
(The thirty first day of January in the year of our Lord Two thousand and twenty; A.D);
Then the Claim of Right of Rite, (DP-20071967-SA-LB-1), shall become Law, and thereafter indissoluble.

These are the words of the executors office, for the, DENIS PETER RAWLINSON, Estate;

For as-it-is-written So-it-will-be:

Govern yourself accordingly.

The Executor __As-Marked and sealed___
Denis Peter

All Rebuttals or challenges are to be directed to :

The Executors Office,
At: 136/lot36 Martin Crescent;
Benarkin North;
Nation Queensland;
Commonwealth of Australia.

(Note what is required prior to your challenge, which then will be registered),
your challenge must contain a Name, a signature, and address, “not a PO-Box”.
all factual, irrefutable evidence, must be attached to a Affidavit of Truth, and Notarised .
Claiming that the factual evidence you supply is True and factual,
as well as stating: you understand the penalty, for false and misleading information, and lying under oath,
and accept the conditions of Remedy: for harm done, by attacking, harming, or assuming control over the executors office,
by the committing of perjury, in using false and misleading evidence, under oath, that has no factual standing in law.
should your claim be found to be false and untrue.

Only the truth shall set you free:

for copy of Original: marked and sealed: email –
in subject put … request: copy of original- RPOA-F1