Jamie Bennett

A copy of the public notice record below:

Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 20 / 33273

Name Jamie Bennett
Date 06/20/2019

:Jamie-David: of the House Bennett
32, Grantham Road
Great Horkesley

8th June 2019
Adrian Pritchard
Colchester Borough Council
Rowan House
33 Sheepen Road
Dear Mr Pritchard,

Request for Data

I am writing to request to make a request for access to data pursuant to the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations.

For the above claimant wishes to make clear that he is not refusing to pay any lawful debt that he may owe, such as Council Tax, however the claimant does require that the following concerns and questions be answered in full.

Please provide the claimant with the following information:

1. Who or what is Colchester Borough council?

2. For what purpose and reason have Colchester Borough council been accessing, processing, storing and holding our data?

3. Please provide us with irrefutable evidence of proof of our explicit consent for Colchester Borough council to access, process, store, hold and share our data.

4. In what Fiduciary capacity has Colchester Borough council accessed, processed, stored, held and shared our data?

5. Provide us with a detailed list of;
a. Who has our data been shared with.
b. For what purpose, and the reason it has been shared.
c. In what fiduciary capacity was that person/s (company or individual) acting?

6. Please provide hard copies of all data that you have accessed, processed, stored, held and shared.

7. In addition, please note that Colchester Borough council is required by law to provide irrefutable evidence of proof of claim/debt. What capacity Colchester Borough council has to make a legal claim on that debt in the form of an appropriate executed Notice or Deed of Assignment and acceptance compliant with section 136 Law of Property Act 1925.

8. Provide irrefutable evidence of proof that our address: 32 Grantham Road Great Horkesley CO64TU has been a non-domestic dwelling from the years 2001 – 2019

9. Please provide the name of the dictionary that Colchester Borough council use to define the meanings of the following words: Person, Occupier, Resident, Order, You, Must, Human, Bill, Statement, and Account.

10. Please provide us with the name of the Styles Manual that is used by Colchester Borough council to format its documents.

11. Please clarify, why are some words on Colchester Borough councils documentation are written/signed in ALL CAPITAL TEXT, is this word art, dog Latin, American sign language or Capitis Diminutio Maxima ? Moreover, is this ALL CAPITALIZED TEXT a GLOSSA as defined by the Black’s law Dictionary: Glossa viperina est quae corrodit viscera textus. In English: It is a poisonous gloss which corrupts the essence of the text.

12. Why are boxes placed around certain text, do the boxes break the continuation of the facts, jurisdiction? Moreover, does the [boxed off] text remove it text from the page?

13. Please also provide a copy of all Colchester Borough councils financial accounts, showing how much money comes in and from where, how much goes out and where it goes; please give a full breakdown and report showing the percentage of funds that go to West Midlands Police in particular. Moreover, I require sight of the accounts for all trading names and derivatives of Colchester Borough council.

14. Who grants the permission, power and authorization for these companies to make demands upon good men and woman?

15. Please clarify what law is being used to make demands for ‘council tax’. If it is the Local Government Finance Act please provide us with evidence that our home is a commercial property and not a domestic dwelling. Moreover, as this is only an Act and not law, please provide details of our consent along and a copy of the proclamation for this Act. Furthermore, please provide us with your company’s definition of a ‘person’ as the above Act is only aimed at ‘persons’ not people I.E. living men and woman.

16. Why does CBC hire a room in the building trading as DUDLEY COURT HOUSE and print off what looks very much like a summons?

17. Why does DUDLEY COURT HOUSE have no recorded or copy of any of these so called warrants? (I have attached a copy of both the the Perjury and Fraud Act I strongly suggest that one’ reads both.)

We require Colchester Borough council to be aware at the outset that we expect a reply to our request within one month of the date of this letter, as required under Article 12, failing to do so will result in us forwarding our enquiry along with a letter of complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

It may be helpful for you to know that data protection law requires you to respond to a request for data within one calendar month. If you need any more data from me, or a fee, please let me know as soon as possible.

We advise Colchester Borough council to take this request with the utmost of seriousness. If the ICO find that our data is/has been concealed or wilfully refused it is a criminal offence and will be reported to Action Fraud.

If you do not normally deal with these requests, please pass this letter to your Data Protection Officer, or relevant staff member. If you need advice on dealing with this request, the Information Commissioner’s Office can assist you. Its website isico.org.uk or it can be contacted on 0303 123 1113.

For the claimant hereby gives Adrian Pritchard fourteen (14) days to reply to this notice from the above date with a notice sent using recorded post and signed under full commercial liability and penalties of perjury, assuring and promising the claimant that all of the replies and details given to the above requests are true and without deception, fraud or mischief.

Please Note: the claimant wishes to deal with this matter in writing and the claimant does not give your organization or any of its agents the permission to make contact by telephone or face-to-face. Should you or any of your agents do so, I must warn you that the contact or calls could constitute ‘harassment’ and I may take action using the Harassment Act 1997.

Adrian Pritchard we look forward to your response

Yours sincerely

:Jamie-David: of the House Bennett

Please see enclosed statements.

:CLAIM-OF-A-LIVE-LIFE: attached.

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal – Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent
No assured value, No liability. Errors & Omissions Excepted. All Rights Reserved.

Without recourse, non-assumpsit, and without prejudice.

PS – Would the Chief Executive Adrian Pritchard
of CBC or any derivative of please clarify, and or rebut the following:

Maxims of Law -Volenti non fit injuria. There is no injury to one who consents.

Ignorance of the Law does not excuse misconduct in anyone, least of all a sworn officer of the law.