Jamie Bennett

A copy of the public notice record below:

Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 20 / 33249

Name Jamie Bennett
Date 06/20/2019

Date: Saturday, 15 June 2019
Ref: Council Tax due to Colchester BC



Dear Simon Andrew JACOBS,

Without Prejudice,

Regarding your previous correspondence. Firstly, you say that this has no basis in English law?, can you explain how the “MOTU PROPRIO” (Vatican law) has nothing to do with this country? NO one is higher than the pope, so when he strips away immunity, this is the final word.

The Most Holy Francis issued an Apostolic Letter on July 11 and effective September 1, 2013, that effectively stripped away the immunity of all judges, attorneys, government officials and all entities established under the Roman Curia [hint: All corporations are established under the Roman Curia]. All of these “persons” can now be held accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanity, [hint: Divine Spirit is humanity], for the unlawful restrictions of the liberties of the divine spirit incarnate; for failure to settle the accounts; for continued prosecution of claims already settled, etc.


Please find that document attached; maybe you need to read it again. Secondly, you state that you only understand English law, well Sir if that’s the case then you will know that all English law is based on contracts. So, Sir, I ask, where is the contract you have, with my wet signature proving that you have a valid claim?

I will also direct you to the definition of STATUTE: “A legislative rule given the force of law by the consent of the governed.”

“Again, where is my consent”?

Do you have PROOF of CLAIM?
Do you have PROOF of AUTHORITY?

You have not explained why UCC (Universal Commercial Code) does not apply in the UK.
You have not explained why the “MOTU PROPRIO” means NOTHING (Vatican law).
You have not explained why the Executive Order from Donald Trump about the foreclosure of the bank is also not relevant.

You have not explained the reason why this Courtesy Notice is not recognised in the United Kingdom (or other Countries).

You have not explained the reasons why you are not lawfully and legally required to rebut the ‘Declaration of Facts’ filing UCC # 2012127914 before you can establish Standing, Authority and Law to proceed against me. I have also attached the UCC Filing to prove they exist and that they have been filled.
“Now let me educate you on the following”.

Council Tax

For a start, the council are trying to impose a charge on a domestic private property which under the “Local Government Finance Act 1992 “- Chapter 14 – Part 1 Chapter 1, private dwellings are exempt from this charge.

“Local Government Finance Act 1992”

1992 c. 14 Part Chapter Chargeable dwellings

The council also impersonate the High Court, which is a fraud. The council hire a room in the court and issue out FAKE summons which has not even been through DUE PROCESS. Please see the following legislation that the council and its members break on a day to day basis.

The Perjury Act 1911 – Section 5

The above section of this act shows that the council has already broken this law by issuing me a summons that did not come from a court. The council has no authority whatsoever issuing me or anyone with a summons to court for any reason. This breach is punishable, as stated above by a fine, imprisonment or both. We all know why there is no wet ink signature or a name beneath on the summons. (As nobody wants to take liability, as a piece of paper cannot take a person to court. Only a man can take a man to court.)

2. “The Administration of Justice ACT 1970.”

Part V – Miscellaneous Provisions.

The above text contains the area of this act that shows how the council have broken the law intentionally. They issued me with a summons that apparently came from the court but, in reality, did not. Since they have done this and know the penalty is a fine, THEY make sure that no name appears underneath the signature on my summons. Remember a case MUST have been individually considered before being taken to court, but we all know it wasn’t.

3. The Fraud Act 2006
Section 7 – Fraud by false representation

The above shows that the council tax department knew exactly what they were doing when they issued my summons. They knew it was a false document as it did not come from a court and they knew it was a deliberately misleading one at that. They also knew it was itself to be used in committing fraud upon ME. The punishment for such unlawful action is a fine, a prison term of up to 10 years or both.

I would respectfully advise you to do your research and have another look at the documentation that I have sent you, before blindly saying it has no VALUE, clearly you have not looked into this matter. I will also like to advise that I have NO CONTRACT with Jacobs. I would also like to state in this CIVIL MATTER that you have no power to force entry into my property or break in, I have already spoken to your ENFORCEMENT agents, and I know what powers they have. I also understand the law around the legislation that you use. I do not need to seek legal advice as this is a civil matter, not criminal.

I would also suggest that you stop using THREATS within your letters as you cannot go to prison for a civil matter, especially for council tax. What you do is disgraceful, THREATENING people with prison (The unamended Law is quite clear on the issue)

Magna Carta (1297)

Which quite simply means that no court has the right to jail anyone without a Trial by Jury, and any of the private & registered ‘courts’ attempting to penalise anyone for non-payment to a corporate (private) council, are breaking the law and committing serious fraud. They are also committing a serious offence against the Statutory Law of selling justice for private profit.

You and your company work on intimidation, LIES and bullying techniques in order to extort money from the hard-working citizens of this country.

To Be Clear, I am not refusing to pay:

I am respectfully asking Colchester Borough Council for proof that my private dwelling is subject to commercial tax and if so, where does it state this and what law enforces this? I again refer you to the above; acts and statutes are not enforceable without the consent of the governed. Also, if you are not aware, Council Tax is a renewable contract. I again ask, where my wet-ink signature is accepting this tax?

Simon Sir, you are a scumbag, how you can sleep at night? Knowing that your company actively LIE, commit fraud, bully people etc. into paying FINES and debt that should never be paid, not to mention taking private property away from hard working citizens of this country. On a final note, who are you to tell me what I should spend my money on? I prefer chasing crooks and helping humanity, rather than worrying about material possessions. I’m doing this for the good of the people, standing up to MEN like you, greedy and heartless men that have no ounce of dignity or compassion for their fellow man or women. Instead, you would much rather concentrate on materialism because money is your God, what a sad life to lead.

Again NO ONE is above the law, and all are equal to it, so again I suggest you read and research before coming back to me and saying its all copy and paste. I can tell you firsthand that my research and documentation comes from many years of researching and helping beat such pirates like yourself, as well as the system that enslaves us. I have attached some extra documents for you, Simon, as I am always looking to educate the zombies, who blindly live in this world believing in just money and material. Please read “Roman Canon Law 3.3” – Rights Suspension and Corruption, which is enclosed. You may learn something.

Hint – All roads lead back to the Vatican, continue your research in that area and you may learn something more.

I have also attached your threatening and bullying documentation that you use to extort money from people. “IF THIS IS NOT INTIMIDATION, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS”. What you and your team of mafia gangsters are doing is called levying distress. As we all know, it is a very effective tactic, especially on the unsuspecting. We all know, another effective tactic is to hand deliver these letters to cause extra distress or send them during periods such as Christmas etc.

Simon how about I start sending my documentation to your private dwelling? Would you like that? It wouldn’t be too difficult to find your address. Or perhaps you would prefer I take you to small claims court for breaking the following, “Administration of Justice Act 1970 Part V “– Miscellaneous Provisions.


Considering the council’s documents are fake and fraudulent, and they sell my data to you (GDPR Broken) you are now also liable as you are now trying to enforce this FRAUDULENT charge by harassing me with letters and visits to my private property. You are also trying to enforce legislation on a living breathing man, I’M NOT DEAD AT SEA and I do NOT CONSENT.


If you believe you have a lawful claim against myself, then I require you to confirm such in writing, signed by hand on headed paper, under penalty of perjury and let the record speak as written. A signature is required to ensure that the individual involved accepts full liability and responsibility for the words written.

Any lawful document must be signed or otherwise is merely a piece of paper, hearsay A signature is required to accept liability for what is written or said.

You have still not answered or confirmed to me WHY the documents that I have sent are NOT RELEVANT? Again no one is above the LAW, and all are EQUAL to it. So, I suggest you go back and do your homework.

“I WILL HOLD YOU” (Simon Andrew JACOBS) “PERSONALLY LIABLE” for ANY actions your company takes against me.

I require a response from yourself, on official paper and autograph by hand, in wet ink under the penalty of perjury within five working days and let the record speak as written.

Until such a time, I require you to CEASE and DESIST from your actions against myself.

Without Prejudice
Jamie Bennett: