margo: tamm

A copy of the public notice record below:

Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 21 / 49411

Name margo: tamm
Date 11/07/2019


A Common Law Commercial Lien has been LAWFULLY established between myself, margo: of the family tamm, and the individual who accepts liability for the Name “Luke John Phillip Fowler”, at address “ ROSS&ROBERTS,Unit8,Wessex Park,Somerton Business Park, Bancombe Road,Somerton,TA11 6SB”, herein referred to as “the Tortfeaser”.

The reason for this Lien is that I have been the subject of a wrong (i.e. a tort) at the hands of the Tortfeaser, and my remedy IN LAW is to be able to place a Lien on their property, until the wrong has been set aright. Thus I am LAWFULLY able to seize goods and assets that belong to the Tortfeaser, up to the amount of the Commercial Lien, which is £3,250,047.00 (three million, two hundred and fifty thousand and fourty-seven pounds, sterling).

This Notice is to inform whomsoever may be concerned that the creditworthiness of this Tortfeaser is, henceforth, highly suspect, until the Lien lapses – or is, by some other means, removed.