: Robert-Sten-Olof: Andersson.

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Common Law Courts

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Reference No: PN / 21 / 61626

Name : Robert-Sten-Olof: Andersson.
Date 02/16/2020

By the light of the day the sixteenth day of the second-month in the year of our Lord Two-zero Two-zero.
For this Claimant’s-Knowledge is with this Birth-Claim of the Pure-Trust: The Andersson foundation Est.ab inito 1967 Copyrighted on the eleventh day of the first month in the year of our Lord Two-zero Two-zero Geographically located in the County of Gothenburg on the Land-mass called Sweden by this Managing-Director: Robert-Sten-Olof: Andersson is with this Public-Notice now Public. All Rights Reserved, All Liberties Reserved.