A copy of the public notice record below:

Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 21 / 52300

Name :Terence-John-Maurice:Shields
Date 12/04/2019

:Terence-John-Maurice:Shields. formally, legally known as TERENCE JOHN MAURICE SHIELDS, has claimed ownership, of the legal-fiction and the legal birth certificate with the Common-Law court. As the authorised administrator, being the attorney in fact, hereby claim power of attorney in all legal matters for the legal-person and act in the best interest of the estate.
This notice is intended to correct any presumptions of legal servitude. It confirms that living-man, recognising and standing under the jurisdiction of the Common-Law, being of the people and my peers. No consent will be given to act as surety, for the legal-person in a statutory (administration) hearing, without proof of personal and subject-matter jurisdiction, without a valid claimant, seeking remedy. We also require proof of a higher claim of ownership to that name, Forcing orders upon the living-man, is with the claim, of just and fair compensation, for damages against all and any public official(s).
Therefore, it is a criminal offence to coerce the living-man, identified into the Statutory system and becomes a crime against the people. Anyone responsible for or to force any peformance as a legal-person will be held personally liable in both their private and public capacity and will have to answer to the people for their criminal actions or inactions.