:Vaughn-Keith: Boast.

A copy of the public notice record below:

Common Law Courts

Great Britain & International

Reference No: PN / 20 / 29137

Name :Vaughn-Keith: Boast.
Date 06/08/2019

I :Vaughn-Keith: Boast. In peace and respect state that I am no longer a corporate entity, I am a living man claiming the jurisdiction of the land, I plant my feet on the soil and claim my true standing and capacity. I revoke my consent and obligations to those who would assume and presume to act on my behalf and see me as a dead corporate entity as understood by the true meaning of the birth certificate which in reality is a death certificate used in conjunction with the Cestue Que Vie trust of 1666 and canon laws claiming to have me being being dead and lost and sea. I am alive and well and have stepped forward to claim my status. He who creates the controversy is to give the remedy.
The system is built on lies deception and omissions and once comprehended shows this assumption and presumption by those who would presume to call themselves our masters. Once again I reject such notions and claim my body my mind and my soul/sole as my own. He who has a higher claim than mine let him bring it forward to refute my claim.