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  • Void Order – Civil

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Within the statutory system there exists an option to void any order issued by a court. The opportunity to do so may be used if there was a fundamental flaw when the order was issued.

In the case of living men and women who have confirmed their standing with the Common Law Court, this opportunity exists as the courts are using the legal fiction and criminal coercion to prosecute you.

To use these documents, you must have recorded your Birth and obtained ownership of your Fictitious Name with the Common Law Court. You will also need to forward a copy of these documents to void the order and to confirm your standing with the Common Law Court.

In this category you can download the attached documents, which will void the previously issued order against you. You do not have to use the statutory forms to do so and there is no fee to pay to their court.

These documents are all available for a fee of £5.00, this fee is used to cover our costs and to assist with the further development of the Common Law Court.

Use the following steps to obtain your void order:

  1. Select the option to ‘Add to Basket’ and then proceed to ‘View Basket’.
  2. Select ‘Proceed to Payout’ after which you can pay through Pay Pal or select the option to pay with your credit or debit card.
  3. Click the link to open the documents
  4. Open the ‘Void Order’ document and complete this form, you only require a limited amount of information about your case.
  5. Download all other Exhibits attached and print them off, add all the Exhibits to the completed void document.
  6. You will also need to provide copies of your Birth Certificate and the Ownership of the Fictitious Name, which you obtained from the Common Law Court.
  7. Send of the documents by recorded delivery and retain a copy.
  8. When sending off the documents, send one copy to the original court that issued the order and send a second copy to the appropriate court of record (select English or Scottish courts and civil or criminal).
  9. Sent by recorded delivery and follow up with e-mails, these will be available via links on our ‘Documentation. page under the ‘Community’ heading and in the ‘Website’ category.

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  1. Brigitta Fazekas

    Brigitta Fazekas

    I hope so I have just been charged with a motor offence that I did not do and can’t find away to have spoken to the DVLA about this and have a fine that should not be. I have cases in the past that I could not appeal and know that I am innocent I wish to try this CLc route. I am hoping to end my sleepless nights and lonely isolations for fear of more lies set against me by unscrupulous people out to do me harm and have done for far too long. May God finally given me the solution I have been looking for.

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