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The Common Law Court now offers the opportunity to purchase your own CLC Card. This card confirms that you have recorded your birth with the Common Law Court and that you have acquired ownership of your legal fiction.

Think about it, your very own CLC Card, confirming that you stand under Common Law jurisdiction.


The Common Law Court now offers the opportunity to purchase your own CLC Card. This card confirms that you have recorded your birth with the Common Law Court and that you have acquired ownership of your legal fiction.

Think about it, your very own CLC Card, confirming that you stand under Common Law jurisdiction.

As the owner of your own CLC Card, you have confirmed that the statutory authorities have no personal jurisdiction over you.

CLC Cards are available for Great Britain and Internationally, each will have a passport photo, the flag for your country of birth and the  information that you have recorded with the Common Law Court.

As all cards are personalised, your card will list the categories that you have submitted information for, the codes for the categories are as follows:

1. Birth Certificate
2. Ownership of the Fictitious Name
3. Property Ownership and Transfer
4. Medicinal Marijuana
5. Marriage Certificate
6. Lawful Rebellion
7. Lis Pendens
8. Commercial Lien
9. Other                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        10. Public Notice
11. Motor Vehicles
12. Company Declaration                                                                                                                                                                                                                         13. Proof of Life

44 reviews for Common Law Court Card

  1. Vyacheslav Shcherbakov

    Vyacheslav Shcherbakov (verified owner)

    Thank you all.
    Especially John.
    Great work in all directions.
    I wish you all health, wisdom, victories and love.

  2. Kerttu Kaasik Kaasik

    Kerttu Kaasik

    Thank you all

  3. Maurizio Lepore (Maurice) Lepore

    Maurizio Lepore (Maurice) (verified owner)

    Thank you SO much John!! Your interview was seriously enlightening and a welcome change from a very stressful, insomnia induced period in time.
    The issue of possible mandatory vaccines is a serious one for me for a lot of aware people.
    Even more concerning though is 5G!
    This is being currently rolled out in Australia at an alarming pace!
    Can you please send notices to the telecommunication companies here &/or relevant departments to halt this movement ASAP Please?
    These have already been turned on in some areas and we are petrified knowing the irreversible damage this weapon can cause!
    Please help!

  4. Karolina Marka Dulovecz Spacie

    Karolina Marka Dulovecz

    Thank you so much
    Could you sent a notice to our elecomunication companies/parliament in Guernsey Channel Islands please about installing 5G and possible future mandatory vaccinations .
    Thank you again

  5. michael anthony foster melchizedek Moor

    michael anthony foster (verified owner)

    Tankh you John and all the staff at clc, it’s been a long time Coming.change is here, melchizedek order.

  6. Sofia Marisa Gaunt

    Sofia Marisa

    Thank you all for an amazing work.

  7. Joanna Elizabeth Morphy

    Joanna Elizabeth Morphy

    Such amazing work, well done everyone there and a massive thank you, it keeps getting better out here with people like you. All the best, x

  8. Karen Bromley

    Karen Bromley

    Thank you so much for all the information and leading the way to change.

  9. Murlena Victoria Nedd-Campbell

    Murlena Victoria Nedd-Campbell

    Thank you for such a priceless piece of information. I will ensure i spread the word far and wide.

  10. Carl Michael courtney Felix

    Carl Michael courtney felix

    Thank you for the information I spread the truth far and wide.

  11. Greg Steedman

    Gregory Thomas Steedman (verified owner)

    Thank you for giving us information about our rights that have been hidden from us. I will email and share this info with as many influencers online who have a huge following so we can hopefully reach their audiences and spread the word further.

  12. timothy john thomas pretorius Pretorius

    timothy john thomas pretorius

    Thank you All.
    superb job,greatly appreciated.
    much love

  13. Douglas allan

    Douglas allan

    Just getting my head around this stuff. I believe I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

  14. Edna Yvette Moscoso Echeverria de Morales

    Edna Yvette Moscoso Echeverria de Morales

    Thank you

  15. Jose Luis Morales Moscoso Morales

    Jose Luis Morales Moscoso

    Thank You

  16. Edna Yvette Moscoso Echeverria de Morales

    Edna Yvette Moscoso Echeverria de Morales

    This is excellent

  17. Edna Yvette Moscoso Echeverria de Morales

    Edna Yvette Moscoso Echeverria de Morales


  18. Peter Donal Mitchell Mitchell

    Peter Donal Mitchell

    What a great site this is, such a relief to know there is an alternative, time to banish the corruption we have been living under for so long. Maurizio Lepore, regards 5G, I have it under good authority that ALL 5G is now being made safe with Tesla (Nikola, not Elon Musk) coils and will be emitting the God frequency of 432Hz, a healing frequency. Already being installed in Perth, all thanks to Donald Trump, believe it or not. All 5G in America already made safe. However, do your own research, I might be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  19. Julie Susan Patricia Bennett

    Julie Susan Patricia Bennett

    I am one of awakened ones and trying to register under common law I have registered my birth certificate what do I do next please advise.Thank you.

  20. lydia lowe

    lydia lowe

    Thank you all for your dedication from Kent will be ordering my card asap x

  21. Karolína Kejřová

    Karolína Kejřová (verified owner)

    I am concerned about 5G and what Peter Donal Mitchell has said. I am from the Czech Republic. How shall I understand that you have it under good authority ALL over the world? I have seen many videos recently, how people are having health problems with 5G, can you please specify a little bit more? thanks.karolina

  22. Ron Marr

    [email protected]

    No frequencies are good for humans.This includes electricity.

  23. Archibald Hood

    Archibald Hood

    Great Stuff. All the best!

  24. William Rios

    William Rios

    Jin Lee sent me here. I am glad he did🙌🏽
    Look forward to a 2021 worthy of remembering.

  25. Wayne Alan Tew Tew

    Wayne Alan Tew (verified owner)

    Got my card through yesterday, really glad too has i will use this to my advantage. Just ordered my ‘withdrawn consent’ card too has i forgot before, so with the 2 cards i will use this if i get challenged. Also if i get asked to ‘take a test’ or the ‘vaccine’ i will just say i stand under common law and not statute law, i do not consent for acts of parliament.
    Many thanks. 🙂

  26. Andrew Mark Hardingham

    Andrew Mark Leverett (verified owner)

    Looking forward to receiving my card, thank you all, this have given me a different out look on life now. Going through all this have answered so many unanswered questions for me.

  27. John Owens

    John Owens

    Definitely a step in the right direction – Question everything and do not assume the authorities ever automatically respect your health, well being or interests.
    My experience is that individuals in the system that are guilty of abuses whatever their level of authority within organisations/corporations, get protected/covered up by their colleagues – in spite of the great damage that often gets done to the health of society and the planet we all have a right to be responsible for.
    Our Individual responsibilty is standing up for one and all (human rights, the rights of the animals, the rights of planet earth) to be free from unlawful rape for profit and pillaging and any other univeral unlawful attacks against it/us.

  28. Barry Abell

    Barry Abell

    Thank you all for your dedication and hard work in bringing this to light

  29. Matthias Hiriart

    Matthias Hiriart (verified owner)

    Thank you all to give us possibility to taking back control on our life, after the shadow comes the light 🙂

  30. paul andrew callaghan

    paul andrew callaghan

    I cannot express enough just how thankful I am to have found clc. It has given me a boost in positivity, and I can now see a way out of this scam system that we are unlawfully subjugated by.🙂

  31. Patricia Brigitte née dans la famille Louis

    Patricia Louis (verified owner)

    Un cœur battant et bien vivant de France vous salue et vous rejoint sur tous vos commentaires. Merci infiniment pour ces outils formidables et tant attendus. Par où commencer en France pour stopper l’effet domino : Vaccins, expérimentations sur l’homme, chemtrails, poisons partout et 5G en cour d’installation ? à qui écrire surtout et dans quel ordre ?

    A beating and very much alive heart of France greets you and joins you on all your comments. Thank you very much for these wonderful and long-awaited tools. Where to start in France to stop the domino effect: Vaccines, experiments on humans, chemtrails, poisons everywhere and 5G in the process of being installed? Who to write to above all and in what order? Be well in peace and serenity ! France is here with you soon


    GARTH MUNTON (verified owner)

    Excellent !

    The Common Law Court can provide a peaceful means for all humans everywhere to resist and change bad rules and laws.

    Long live France !

  33. Thierry Bertolani

    Thierry Bertolani (verified owner)

    Bonjour a toutes et tous, bonne continuation dans ce combat, ne rien lâcher.

    Hello everyone, good luck in this fight, don’t let go.

  34. Raymond Allan Emblau

    Raymond-Allan Emblau of Canada March 17 2021
    To The People of The Common Law Court, Thank You Everyone. I believe i have finally found the way to FIGHT the LEGAL TRAP.
    John, I thank you for your knowledge and for what you are doing it is Genius.

  35. Denise Thomas

    Denise R Thomas

    Hi John, I have just signed up under common law and I’m waiting for my confirmation. I can’t wait to recieve it thanks to you and your teams hard word, dedication and commitment. The next step now is to reach out to as many people as possible…….May god bless all of you. : )

  36. Laura Margaret Sheldon

    Laura Margaret Sheldon

    Share nationally.

  37. Ian forbes sneddon. Of the clan sneddon

    Ian forbes of the clan sneddon

    Common law court is the best site ever, i now have full possession of my entity name and foreclosed it,does anybody know how to liquidate the corporate fiction and recover any value attached from the birth trust fund.

  38. Marilyn Rochelle Skinner Carr

    Marilyn Rochelle Skinner Carr

    Hello John Smith and everyone at the Common Law Court. Please keep up the good work. I am writing from the united State of America. I have received my Common Law Birth Certificate, as well as my ownership of fictitious name. Before finding your website through David Icke, I had read Mary Croft and actually typed and published my Common Law Copyright in the Baltimore Times. My question is, “can I upload it to your website?” I will be ordering the International ID card soon. Thank you all and I will share with others. Please, let’s remember, “Fear weakens us; Love strengthens us.”

  39. Sylvia Love Noelia Johnson Nepi

    Sylvia Love Noelia Johnson Nepi

    Fantastic, I’m going to share this large and wide.

  40. Monika Widmer

    :monika :widmer

    Thank you very much for your work! I’ve found you through David Icke in conversation with John Smith and just signed up. Can’t wait to receive my confirmation and looking forward to order my International ID card. 🙂 Love to you all from Switzerland: <3

  41. Scott Bassett

    Scott Bassett (verified owner)

    After the shock ( about 1 month) of realising id been scammed all my life, it is with great inspiration that I found the common law court. My property, car and myself all registered and ready to face the statute bully boys with the lawful truth. All the best and good luck.

  42. Tyson Turner

    Tyson Turner

    Finally we have a voice my Brothers and Sisters

  43. Susan Lake

    Susan Lake

    Thank you so much for being there I really was giving up on everything when I found out you through Dr Charlie Ward…thats when you were my safe haven.
    Thank you for your help 🙂

  44. Jerry Mayele

    Jerry Mayele

    This is an awesome entity for people that want a better future for all human beings. Looking forward into traveling without justifying why I am traveling and compulsory PCR test. Stay strong all and know that the victory is imminent.

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