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The time is now, we must Stand Together

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The time is now, wake up everybody

Not since the formation of the Magna Carta 1215 have we the people come under such an attack on our inherent rights. The world has changed so very much from what it used to be and the time has come to stand together.

Using our inherent birth rights and common law to protect ourselves, we stand by the principles of ’cause no harm, no loss or no injury to any other living man or woman’.

The choice is yours and some important decisions must be made. Our teachers need to wake up and find a new way teach. Our doctors and nurses need to be able to speak out without prejudice or fear.

Our children are being vaccinated in our schools without either Parental consent or approval. Schools are deferring responsibilities by claiming that they do not know what the vaccines are for and that they must allow access to our children. Ask your children, have they been vaccinated? Do you wish to challenge this, now decide whether you can fight them within their own statutory system.

Can we leave this situation alone and allow our politicians to continue down this road?

Our world will not improve if we let this be.

The Common Law Court has decided to introduce an alternative to these forced vaccinations, face masks and lockdown. If you haven’t already done so, we are inviting you to register your birth under Common Law. This process is free on the Common Law website and can be completed by completing the relevant form. This means you will stand as a Living Man or Woman. If you choose to, you may now opt in to have an exemption card which protects your rights.

We are going to charge a minimal fee of £7, this will also include postage by recorded delivery, these cards will be issued within 7 days of your application as we have taken on additional helpers to deal with only these. The revenue raised from this will allow further growth within the court and is earmarked for the training of our Common Law Peace Service. All Constables will be required to complete a training course and once appointed will wear the uniform of the Common Law Court.

Think about it, the peoples own Peace Service

It is time for thinking ahead, stand together and our leaders will have to listen. The time has come to change this world, it is up to us….. do not look away……. If you do the price will be too high.

Rights that have been removed are rarely returned, this is being done by a select few often-wealthy individuals who openly operate a legal system that contradicts our lawful rights, never have so many been persecuted by so few and never has such a crime against the people been implemented with such force, we are the many, they are the few.

Common law, use it or lose it, the choice is yours, your children deserve a future, you deserve a free life.

Order your card here, each card will confirm your rights under common law and for those who don’t understand, under the statutory system.

As all cards will display your name, at the ‘Checkout’ under ‘Notes’ please provide the name to be used. For additional purchases please list the required names.

7 reviews for Withdrawn Consent

  1. Paula Jean Finnigan Roberts

    Paula Jean Finnigan

    I’m so very pleased to actually find information on Law, and my Human rights,
    I have had no education on my right, and never new there were different laws, and that there are 2 of me, one of money and one of flesh and blood, I obviously need more time to read through it all and my rights, thank you

  2. David Anthony Brightman brightman

    David Anthony Brightman

    great free Human beings at last

  3. margo tamm

    margo: tamm (verified owner)

    Today,at14th Oct2020 ,I myself Living Woman did use 3 Trains to get from Weymouth from 6.44 to Starcross 9.49 to work.Weymouth to Castle Carry,Castle Carry to Exeter St Davids,Exeter to Starcross,and I didnt wear the Mask.In first train I showed the Clc withdrawn consent to coach ,he said: I dont know,He didnt said nothing about to wear Mask.In second Train, coach passed 2x ,didnt even stop to check Ticket .In third train,from Exeterx to Starcross(ab 10 min) coach checked ticket,I showed Clc card,He read it also other side,I said Im live living Woman ,under common law ,and Dont cobsent to Rules.Ge said ,so You dont wear the Mask then,I responded,Now,I do not Consent the Rules.He laughed and said ,Ok then. Thats all andx I lehft the train as was my Stop . No any comments from anyone.

  4. njmolster@hotmail.com


    These ‘Withdrawn Consent’ cards should be flying off the shelves as it is crucial to spread the word about what is going on.


  5. ian Surman

    ian Surman (verified owner)

    well margo they wont have any idea what the card means

  6. margo tamm

    margo: tamm (verified owner)

    Ian,possible,but I have something to hold on,will go back on28th,He read it and maybe will think about it,what is clc. As in every Corner-wear the mask.I didnt wear,had they any clue or not,its them Problem if they dont know the Law ect.I like Peace,why should I talk to them ,I saus ,its a Long Story,so shokud I start from 1215?lol They all wear,I havent buyd permanent,got medical oensie and even washed it ,by acident in wash mashine,still wearing. Will see whats happens when I go to Ryanair .

  7. blackthorn .

    blackthorn .

    @ian Surman, Well ignorance of the law is no excuse! It’s about time that robotic minions learned the law, and the difference between lawful, legal, statute, act, rules and guidelines etc. We need to restore the rule of law, based on our age old customs and established common law principles, through a process of education, and holding those who transgress personally accountable for any unlawful activities.

    Ignorance of thousands of unlawful acts, statutes, rules and guidelines etc. isn’t the same as ignorance of the common law (natural law/gods law). It is perfectly reasonable to expect everyone of sound mind to understand and observe the ten commandments and the golden rule. Where as it totally unreasonable to expect anyone to understand and observe tens of thousands of unlawful acts and statutes, which do not apply to them!

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