The People v’s Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

8 months ago

In the matter between

The People (Represented by a living man John Smith)



Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (a living man, acting as the UK Prime Minister)



The people have served the attached papers against Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (the living man) for committing crimes against the people and have lodged them with The Royal Courts of Justice.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has ignored the Declaration of the Common Law Court 2019 and is guilty of binding the people into slavery. Various crimes have been committed against the people and this is no longer acceptable.

As this issue is lodged on behalf of the people and is of public interest, all papers relating to this issue will displayed on this site.

To view the case file and lodged Exhibits please view the documents below:


Claim Form               Cover Note                 Case File


Exhibit 1                    Exhibit 2                     Exhibit 3                 Exhibit 4                    Exhibit 5

Exhibit 6a                 Exhibit 6b                   Exhibit 7                 Exhibit 8                    Exhibit 8a

Exhibit 9                   Exhibit 10                   Exhibit 11               Exhibit 12a               Exhibit 12b

Exhibit 12c               Exhibit 13                   Exhibit 14               Exhibit 15                 Exhibit 16



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