Void Orders And Crimes Against The People

7 months ago

Who do they work for and who pays their wages?

Despite the people voiding unlawful court orders that had been illegally issued, statutory judges and their courts are refusing to comply with their own administrative rules to set them aside.

These void orders are both legal and lawful and cannot be challenged but given that they expose the crimes against the people, the judges are refusing to comply with them.

These unlawful orders must be set aside unless the state can confirm that they are superior to the people, the Common Law Court and God.

If you agree that these judges should have to answer to the people and that the orders should be set aside, please click this link to show your support:  CLICK HERE.



One Response to “Void Orders And Crimes Against The People”

  1. William Young on May 4th, 2020 1:09 pm

    These judges are not above the law. Thus their actions are unlawful as common law is superior to Justinian’s corpus juris statutory legislation.

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